Young and uncorrupted Atun.

Atun Avorim was a prophet who served the Aldarill Kingdom. He is also referred to as the Wanderer, because he constantly was on the move to spread the words of the Kontalonian Gods.

He was a experienced fighter and an even better sorcerer. Respected and loved by most, Atun was the kings most favorable herald of the gods.

During the Great Corruption, he was possessed by the Defiler and lost his humanity, sanity and judgement and his mind were submitted to his  sinister will.

Before CorruptionEdit

Atun Avorim was a renowned prophet and herald of the Andarill king Terion. He was believed to speak the words of the gods and thus also served as an oracle. Atun travelled wide and far across the Andarill Provinces to different cities and villages. He was an extremely skilled mage and was on-par with several royal Arch-mages, besides that he was also an expert swordsman, and would almost always be seen travelling with his claymore strapped to his back. But in reality, his strongest feat was his wisdom and clarity for the world. Since he served as an oracle through the Gods, he was given infinite brilliance.

The CorruptingEdit

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